Filnor has designed and manufactured over 2,000 special switch units during the last 25 years. Our engineering department has the experience and expertise to assist you with any special switch application.

This ability to build specials lends a degree of freedom to the designer. Filnor can provide modifications of a standard unit or provide a completely original design. Filnor provides switches that are practical and economical and range in current size from 30 amperes up through 250,000 amperes with voltages up to 38,000 volts.


Filnor specializes in building externally operated enclosed switches. We build these hard to find units in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.

With years of experience building standard and special switch arrangements, Filnor is the one source supplier for all of your switch requirements.

Examples of Our Products:

  • Medium Voltage Switch
    • Solenoid Lock-Out
  • Medium Voltage Transfer Switch
    • Enclosed Switch
      • External Operating Handle
      • Viewing Window
    • Ordering Information Required for Custom Assemblies
      • Submit your application to our engineering department, along with the specifications, and we will gladly respond with a practical and economical solution to fit your needs.