Topic: Braking Resistors for Variable Frequency Drives

Application: Regeneration of Variable Frequency Drives
When a drive unit is attempting to rapidly brake a motor “Deceleration Braking Cycle” or when an “overhauling load” condition exists, the spinning motor acts as a generator.

This freewheeling condition will force some voltage back into the drive unit (regeneration) which may cause an over voltage condition if the energy is not absorbed somewhere else.

Solution: Braking Resistors

Braking resistors are used to absorb energy that is being regenerated back into a drive unit by a freewheeling motor. The energy is released in the form of heat.

Filnor Braking Resistors are sized based on the following customer supplied information:
  • Voltage: DC bus Voltage
  • Drive horsepower
  • Braking Torque
  • Duty Cycle: On time/Off time
  • The maximum braking current or minimum ohmic value as specified by the drive manufacturer
  • Regeneration Type
  • Deceleration braking or Overhauling Load

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Filnor Standard Braking Resistors

Filnor standard Braking resistors have the following features:
  • Well ventilated enclosure for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Wall or Roof Mount
  • Built-in Junction box with multiple conduit knockouts
  • Front Mounted Nameplate with complete ratings
Options Include:

Stainless steel enclosure, or special paint
Wired to a terminal block with high temperature wire
Thermal overload (N.C. or N.O. contacts)
Filnor can provide you with a complete list of standard braking resistors or quote you per your requirements. Please Contact Filnor for more information.