• DC Magnetic Mill Duty Crane Control
  • DC Industrial Duty Crane Control
  • DC to DC Drive


Filnor, Inc., since 1970, has been serving the material handling industry. Filnor designs and manufactures AC/DC electric motor controls and related accessories including pilot control devices, festoon systems and magnet controls with an emphasis on overhead traveling crane applications.

Engineering is a critical part of our business. We have the experience and expertise in the material handling industry to give an economical solution to fit your specific requirements. Whether a custom application or a pre-engineered package, Filnor’s engineering staff is always at your disposal.

Filnor maintains our customer’s investment by giving complete technical support throughout all stages of their project. We depend on our customers, therefore, we look forward to our customers depending on us for all related questions that might arise during, and after, a project. Customers feel at ease knowing that complete technical support is only a phone call away.

Filnor provides customers with the most comprehensive and responsive service in the industry we serve. Filnor is ready to provide Parts and Service whenever needed. If field service is required, Filnor coordinates all customer service requirements such as parts, engineering, and emergency service in a quick responsive manner.

Filnor is a company dedicated to quality. Every product is thoroughly tested to its specific requirements and then documented.

Filnor crane packages are designed for quick and easy installations on new and retrofitted cranes. Dimensional size has almost no limitations, if it’s possible we will find a way!

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Examples of Our Products:

  • DC Acceleration Resistors
    • DC Crane Control
      • DC Pump Control
        • Duplex 250 VDC Control